The Most Important Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself

As a wife and mother myself, I know what it feels like and have been in your shoes. I know the thoughts that go through your head. I know your concerns. Whether it was gymnastics classes for my daughter or golf lessons for my son, I know the feeling that comes with searching around for the best.

Your search for the best photographer is no different. Maybe you even asked around to see who photographed your friends and neighbors. You've probably flipped through my portfolio a time or two, and now you have one question. What's this going to cost?

I realize much like buying new furniture or other major investments, the price tag can be a determining factor when choosing a photographer. Like many others, it's what has brought you to this page on my website. No matter how much I wish this wasn't the case, my experience has shown me that most people will ask about cost than any other question.

I believe in the power of the printed portrait. I can't communicate in words the overwhelming feeling of joy you will feel seeing your images up on the big screen for the first time or how you will try to hide that tear of happiness rolling down your face. I can’t express the joy you will feel to display these treasured memories in your home. There's no way to express the feeling of closeness you'll have with your kids as you flip through the photos, albums and memory book walking down memory lane in years to come.

There’s no way to tell you about that big hug of gratitude you will give me when you receive your new custom-made professionally designed and created album because you know that this will be a part of your family legacy for generations. How do I effectively communicate that to you? Well, that’s the hard part, and to be honest, it can’t be done on a brochure, hand-out, or website.

The investment

what it looks like

So for now, let's go over the basics. Here it is...

As a professional photographer, I make sure every family receives a portrait experience that fits their own unique style and character. I'll design a custom package around your vision for your portraits. For some that may look like canvas gallery wrap or framed art work. For others it may be a custom album or a one of our signature storyboxes. Matching digital files are included with all wall art or table art investments. Because every family is unique and every photo session has a unique outcome, your final investment will vary based on your family's vision and wishlist.

Keep in mind that session retainer fees do not include digital files or finished products. You only invest in the images you love! Images, prints, and products are all purchased separately at your ordering appointment.

Creative Retainers include the initial Design Consultation, the Session, the Ordering Appointment, standard retouching on images, and delivery of your portraits. For more information, visit the Experience page for details.

Interested in seeing our wall art products? Visit Our Products page or see them in person by scheduling your in-person consultation today.

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*All creative retainer fees are non-refundable.  No images, prints, or products of any kind are included in session retainer fees. Prices are subject to change at any time.

Our clients love our pre-session investment options. We've noticed there are 3 go-to pre-session investment options our clients love to start with.

By far, our top fan favorite is our 10-image StoryBox combined with our 20x30 framed canvas. It's the perfect combination of table art, wall art, and digital images.

Other fan favorites include our 3-piece wall art collection and our 20-image Storybox collection.

The beauty of our pre-investment options is you can build what you want from the get go and earn studio credit toward your final investment.

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